• The inspiration
  • The fragrance
  • The effect

The bountiful Mediterranean coast

John Evelyn’s Great Orchard, brimming with hundreds of fruit trees gathered on his European excursions, inspired a voyage of discovery along the Mediterranean coast. In this sun-dappled setting, fragrance wafts from zesty lemon groves to weave in with the aroma of sweet honey and peppery, uplifting coriander. Lovingly nurtured in alfresco herb gardens and bountiful orchards, these purifying ingredients shine in our Citron, Honey & Coriander collection.

Pure refreshment

Transcending seasons, this clean, crisp fragrance is as versatile as it is enticing. But don’t mistake its universal appeal for simplicity. Layers of fresh citron, lemon rind and lemon leaf fragrance greet the mild scents of green herbs and honey. A hint of Mediterranean juniper and cypress adds woody undertones. Finally, we toss in a pinch of coriander for a subtle, seductive kick.

Natural vitality

The clarifying extracts of lemon, honey and coriander blend with moisturising fruit oils and creamy, nourishing butters. It’s the first step towards radiant, healthy-looking skin.