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Gardening Tips & Tricks
From the Skinny Jeans Gardner
We asked Lee Connelly, an influential voice in horticulture,
for his gardening advice for backyard toilers and mason jar
planters. His mission is to make gardening cool for a new
generation and to inject fun and creativity into gardening.
Is gardening tough on the hands?
Absolutely! Depending how much gardening you do, your hands can get pretty rough, but gloves seem to take away the whole experience of gardening. There’s just something about having that soil between your fingers that adds to it all!
What is your favourite product from
the Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners collection?
My favourite is the Gardeners Overnight Hand Therapy. There’s nothing better than your hands feeling awesome in the morning, ready to get dirty in the soil once again.
Do you have any tips for someone who doesn’t have outdoor space, but wants to start an indoor urban garden?
The window is your canvas. Start with the windowsill by growing herbs and veggies that you would use in the kitchen. Grow for purpose, as space is limited and you want to make the most of it. Surround the window with hanging indoor plants to create an almost jungle feeling, really bringing some nature into your home.
Do you have any tips for the newbie gardener?
Don’t give up. Time and time again I hear people say they can’t garden because they once killed a couple of house plants. I’ve lost count of how many plants have not made it through my care. It’s all trial and error. As you get to know your garden and what certain plants need, your garden will thrive!
What are the easiest plants to maintain?
If you want no-hassle gardening, then look for succulents.
These plants hardly need watering, and pretty much look after themselves.
What is your favourite season for gardening?
Even though it is the busiest time in the garden, spring is my favourite. You wait the whole winter just preparing for the next season ahead, and then boom! The garden season kicks in as you race around sowing seeds, watering seedlings and tending to plants at 100 miles per hour (depending how large your garden can be). It’s exciting.
Any tips for growing herbs?
Do some herbs grow better or faster than others?
If you’ve got an empty windowsill space in the kitchen, then fill it with herbs that you would use when cooking. It really doesn't have to be difficult. They can be easily grown from seed, with chives, basil and mint being my own personal top three.
Do you have any tips on how to keep a
bouquet of fresh flowers alive for longer?
Receiving flowers is such a nice gift, and you obviously want them to look as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. A few cheeky tips include cutting 2 inches off each stem when you receive them to allow water to access the stems, replace the water every couple of days, and the old wives’ tale of adding some copper coins to the vase will also help them out.